Assembly and Owner's manual

Preparation and assembly

Before beginning preparation and assembly, please note that the original packaging must be used in the unlikely event of your deciding to return your Skutta.

We therefore recommend keeping the original packaging (inner and outer box) including all the packaging materials contained therein, as well as the assembly equipment.

Prepare your Skutta in a few simple steps:

  1. Carefully remove the Skutta from the box and place it on a stable surface with the stand folded out.
  2. Remove the bubble wrap, taking care to avoid damaging the brake cables.
  3. Before assembling the Skutta, we recommend checking the contents of the package: Assembly instructions, 3 allen keys, 2 handlebar bridges, 6 screws, licence plate holder including metal plate for assembly, reflector, battery, charger.
  4. To unfold the Skutta, carefully push the yellow sliding mechanisms on the sides upwards and move them together with the handlebars that have yet to be attached.
  5. Connect the cables protruding from the left side. Connect the orange plugs first, then the two black plugs. It is important to note that the cables should be on the left side behind the brake cable.
  6. Carefully remove the zip ties from the cables. 
  7. Both cables can now be inserted into the holes, and you can place the handlebars on them. Locate the handlebar bridges and tighten them evenly with the screws supplied.
  8. Make sure that the brake cable is positioned so that it does not touch the mudguard when the Skutta is folded. You can change the length of the cable by pulling or pushing it allowing the brake cable to be positioned appropriately.
  9. Adjust the front brake using the adjusters on the brake cable and check that the front wheel spins smoothly.
  10. You can then fold the Skutta back up and adjust the rear brake in an upright position. You will find the adjustment screw between the rear wheel and the rear axle.
  11. If required in your country, you can attach the licence plate holder to the rear wheel using the screws and metal plate provided.
  12. To mount the reflector, simply peel off the adhesive film and attach it to the designated spot on the licence plate holder or directly on the Skutta.
  13. You can now activate the battery in your Skutta. To do this, pull the battery out of the Skutta and remove the plastic insert between the battery and its contacts. This insert was fitted only for safety during transport. Then push the battery back in firmly until you hear a click, confirming that it has engaged.
  14. And off we go: You are ready for your first test-drive: To do this, press and hold the lower switch on the right side of the handlebar for around 5 seconds. A green light will come on. With the green light lit, you are set to ride in sport mode. In addition, you can select other driving modes: 

    Driving mode indicator: 

    LED-Colour  Description 
    White (Pedestrian mode)  6 km/h 
    Blue (Economy Mode)  maximum speed at reduced power 
    Green (Sport Mode)  maximum power 
    Red (Flashing)  low battery condition 

  15. Start your ride by briskly pushing off once or twice with your foot. At the same time, gently activate the accelerator on the right handlebar. Press progressively to accelerate. Develop your feel for the Skutta and steadily increase the pressure to go faster.